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Simple Glam Makeup Tutorial

hello lovely people in today’s video I’ll show you how I got these pretty simple glam makeup look I like calling this looks simple gum because it’s really natural we don’t have any crazy colors going on it’s just really toned down but still it’s um it’s elegant with upcoming holiday season I’m sure that there will be so many special events and celebrations and parties that you want to attend so I want to show you guys how to create a very simple very elegant and glamorous makeup look without having to spend hours doing your makeup for real this makeup look is so so easy to achieve you’ll see so without losing any more time let’s go ahead and move on toast oil already guys so I’m gonna start off by priming my face I’m ready for a beauty moisturizing makeup base I gotta give this face well moisturize because it can be a nightmare to apply makeup on dry skin trust me on that [Music] next up is the foundation I’m just gonna make sure that I shake it really well this is the milk makeup blur liquid foundation in the shade light let me just give it a good shake this is not really my shape a little bit dark for me so I’m gonna take the country’s Prime and flying transformer drops and this is going to lighten up the foundation for me so I’m gonna make them on the back of my hand and this is going on my face blending it out really quickly this foundation gives you really full coverage so you definitely don’t need a lot of it I may be applied a little bit too much on my face but the sponge is going to absorb some of the excess when I feel like I have too much product on my face while I’m blending it with a sponge I like to take the sponge and do this on a clean tissue and you can see that this is taking some of the excess product out from the sponge so you know I can go back and keep on blending without having any excess product in my sponge and just you know dragging it all over my face I’m also doing this trick with the sponge and the tissue with concealer especially when I’m applying it under my eyes and sometimes you know I’m applying a little bit too much I start blending it I realized that whoo that’s too much product I take my sponge I kind of press it against the tissue this is getting some of the product out of the sponge and then I’m going with more clean sponge and I can go back to blending and have less product on my face which makes me have less cakey face if you have very dry skin and you want to try out that milk foundation make sure that you moisturize your skin really well before applying it and also make sure that you exfoliate really well because it has that matte finish which can be quite drying sometimes so yeah make sure that your skin is really well moisturized before using it and in general I think that that foundation is made for people with more oily skin even though I have pretty dry skin I wanted to get that matte finish I wanted to get that full coverage today so that’s why I chose it now I just brush my brows with the Bravo by Bennett and I’m gonna fill them in with anastasia beverly hills dipbrow pomade in the shade medium brown i’m gonna have in the description box a link to a recent video that I did about eyebrows I put a ton of information there on how to use different product how to fill in your brows using different products so if you’re interested you can go and take a look I’m cleaning up my brows with some cream concealer so that this shape is more defined okay and now quickly priming my eyes with the fancy Beauty Pro filter eyeshadow primer today’s dialogue is going to be SuperDuper easy so the first ice rod that I’m gonna pick is going to be this one here and this is the BH Cosmetics desert oasis I shall palette so I’m gonna bring that really nice brown shade right into my crease I’m gonna first build up the color by pressing some of that eyeshadow into my crease and then once most of the product is on my skin and not in the brush I’ll start using small circular motions and make sure that it’s as blended as possible [Music] now using the same brush this is the Sigma e25 I’m gonna pay this deeper shade of brown coat nightscape I’m getting this just on the tip of my brush I’m not loading the entire brush with this eyeshadow and I’m gonna place this in my crease right here and see how precisely it applied it this is exactly the area where I want this eyeshadow to be I wanted to be just in my crease I don’t want it to be on my eyelid I don’t want it to be you know really up into my crease just in this lower crease here we are here and I’ll start diffusing it again using small circular motions you don’t need to use a lot of pressure with this just make sure that you’re gentle you take your time [Music] [Music] then you can take a big fluffy clean blending brush like this one and go over everything and make sure that it’s nice and blended and you don’t have any harsh lines on your eyelid if you love shimmery eyeshadows I think that you will absolutely adore this BH Cosmetics palette because look how many sparkly eyeshadows they’ve included inside I’ve used this palette a few times and I’ve been actually liking it quite a lot now with my finger I’m gonna pick this shade here and I think that the best way to apply this sparkly eyeshadows is using your fingers you’re getting the maximum of them this way check it out so this eyeshadow is going all of my eyelid from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner and then I’m going to pick the shade called mineral this one right here in the corner and I’m placing that in the center of my eyelid if you find that your eyeshadows are creasing and moving throughout the day you can use some glitter glow under these shimmery eyeshadows and that is going to make them come out even brighter it’s going to make them look a lot more intense but it will also keep them in place for the whole day NYX actually has a really good glitter glue it’s called glitter primer and you guys have seen me use that so many times in my videos I kind of forgot to use it today I remember that I wanted to use it once I already had those shimmery eyeshadows on my eyelid so it was kind of late for it but yeah anyways you can try it out I think I did a great product I think that also BH Cosmetics has glitter primer which is quite good and the good thing is that they’re not expensive at all so now what I did is I took just a clean blending brush and I kind of blend it the eyeshadow that I have in my crease with eyeshadows that I have on my eyelid the shimmery with the matte ones moving on to the eyeliner [Music] I’m gonna finish up my face makeup really quickly before I move on to the lashes and complete the eyelid so I’m applying some concealer under my eyes this is the NARS radiant creamy concealer blending it out [Music] this is the Sigma sculpt highlight and contour palette and for my contour shade I will pick this color here some of you guys were asking me what is the brush that I’m using for my contour this is the morphe alright 36 it’s like a huge blending brush like look if I place it next to my eye it looks huge I don’t know exactly what it’s meant for maybe it’s for highlighter but I like using it for contouring because it places the product just where I need it and that’s in the hollows of my cheeks right here I can be really precise with it without creating harsh lines on my face that’s why I’ve been loving it because it’s applying the product and blending it out at the same time alright and to bring back some of the color on my face I’m taking this way rose gold blush duo and I’ll actually mix the two shades together for hire I’ll go with the one from that Sigma s health palette i curled and i coated my lashes with some mascara I use the benefit Batgirl Bank mascara and now I’ll go ahead not some policies you don’t need to feel like you have to add falsies to this look if you don’t want just don’t do it if I was going somewhere daytime wearing this look I wouldn’t add any forces however if I was wearing this look for some kind of a nighttime event I would add some glam to my lashes I know I did this with my hunt this is like my body language for lashes like lashes I don’t want to go with a really heavy false lashes I want to wear something a little bit more don’t down just something that will add a little bit more of volume and maybe some length to my lashes so I will use this pair for the first time today this is the executors lashes in the style heart and soul I know how they will look on my eyes but I like that they’re not super duper dense and a very similar to those is the House of lashes this is how they look in these hi does Kira Wong as you can tell they’re quite similar maybe the house of lashes are a little bit longer I’ve already worn the House of lashes wise so I want to try out this kiddo one let me just go ahead and glue them on also brings all that highlighter in inner corners of my eyes and on my brow bone all right going back to that BH Cosmetics palette I’m gonna take that first color that I used in my crease and with a pencil brush I will smudge it along my lower lashes oh you guys I love having sparkles on my eyelids you know that I love wearing shimmery eyeshadows I love metallic eye shadow self glitters you know I love all of those kind of sparkly stuff this is my favorite kind of eye makeup sparkly simple and glow now to lock everything in place I’m gonna spray my face with the covergirl overclock up setting spray I got this in my ear I love you setting spray because it’s drying out really quickly you don’t need to wait for it for like five minutes to set on your face the lips I’ll go with this lipstick by Ofra it’s in the shade Manila and this is our final look I told you guys that it’s so so easy to achieve I feel like I say that really often but feel free to skip the part of the may couple that are difficult for you for example if you are struggling with the eyeliner just skip it I just want to give you the idea for the makeup and feel free to do the things your way feel free to do the things however you like okay if you don’t know how to go on false lashes just skip them you don’t need to wear them or maybe you can go and watch some of my videos where I’m talking about how to go on fall season what do I know what not to do that’s in case you want to learn some tips and tricks I also have videos on eyebrows and eyeliner on mascara all of those are covered on my channel so you can go and take a look I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video if you did please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up it will be really appreciated and always a subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already also there’s a bail button right next to subscribe button which if you click it you will get a notification every time that I post a new video you can also follow me on my Instagram Facebook and Twitter all of the links down in the description box I wanna thank you guys so so much for watching and how fully I’ll see you in my next 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